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Recipe: Flapjacks

Idly flipping through the pages of the March Bon Appetit, I happened upon this recipe for British Flapjacks, a cookie vaguely resembling Rice Krispie Treats in technique and granola bars in results. But don’t mistake me, they’re the most delicious granola bars I can imagine–and I don’t even like granola bars. Since butter, sugar, and quick-cook oats are things we always have on hand, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try Flapjacks. We expected to pick up some golden syrup at the Woodstock Safeway (which actually has a British aisle), but that didn’t happen. Instead, I substituted molasses with dark corn syrup to thin it slightly (if you go all-molasses, be careful: the cookies will be much, much harder; corn syrup keeps them somewhat soft by preventing the sugar from crystallizing). For a more interesting texture, you can sub half the quick-cook oats for regular old-fashioned oats. Continue reading