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consider the apples tasted

Lady, Spitzenberger, and Coxs Orange Pippin

from left: Lady, Spitzenburg, and Cox's Orange Pippin

“An apple tree–and away back here!” exclaimed Anne delightedly.

“Yes, a veritable apple-bearing apple tree, too, here in the very midst
of pines and beeches, a mile away from any orchard. I was here one day
last spring and found it, all white with blossom. So I resolved I’d come
again in the fall and see if it had been apples. See, it’s loaded. They
look good, too–tawny as russets but with a dusky red cheek. Most wild
seedlings are green and uninviting.”

“I suppose it sprang years ago from some chance-sown seed,” said Anne
dreamily. “And how it has grown and flourished and held its own here all
alone among aliens, the brave determined thing!”

“Here’s a fallen tree with a cushion of moss. Sit down, Anne–it will
serve for a woodland throne. I’ll climb for some apples. They all grow
high–the tree had to reach up to the sunlight.”

The apples proved to be delicious. Under the tawny skin was a white,
white flesh, faintly veined with red; and, besides their own proper
apple taste, they had a certain wild, delightful tang no orchard-grown
apple ever possessed.

“The fatal apple of Eden couldn’t have had a rarer flavor,” commented
Anne. —
LM Montgomery, Anne of the Island

Schatzi: I ended up going through the tasting lines at the Portland Nursery’s Fall Apple Tasting three separate times this past Friday, with three different parties. I ingested a lot of apples that day. And freshly pressed apple cider. Did I mention the pears? Yeah, a number of those, too. But don’t worry: you can still make it down there yourself, because the Apple Tasting runs this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday as well, from 10am til 5pm.

continue reading to find about how the apples tasted