What We Ate: Siam Thai Cuisine

chicken satay (they also have pork!)

chicken satay (they also have pork!)

Schatzi: This last term, I had a partially-online-meet-once-every-two-weeks class out at PCC Rock Creek (part of PSU’s Extended Studies program). It happened to be HIST 495, a major requirement which I have been trying to take for ages, but most of the offerings have been terrible. For the convenience of the mostly online part, and because it was actually a topic that interested me for once (Cross-Cultural Encounters in the Classical and Pre-Modern World), I was willing to go out to Rock Creek (that’s in farthest Hillsboro, you know. I didn’t.) once a fortnight for class. While out there, sometimes Eli and I would have dinner at Siam, since it was nearby.

Siam is a nice little place with a pleasant interior, and prompt, friendly service. Everyone there was friendly and helpful every time we went, a consistency of service that is difficult to reach. Bonus points for free refills on Thai iced teas, which many restaurants do not offer. We only have pictures from one excursion there, but every curry we have tried was delicious, as were stand-bys such as pad thai and pad see eiw.

Siam Thai Cuisine
18395 NW West Union Rd
Hillsboro, OR 97229

yellow curry with chicken

yellow curry with chicken

pad thai

pad thai


2 responses to “What We Ate: Siam Thai Cuisine

  1. juniper breeze

    Trust me, Siam is THE BEST Thai food that Hillsboro has to offer, and it’s freaking delicious.

  2. I forgot you used to dine out there frequently!

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