Wedding Prep: Introduction

Schatzi & Eli

Schatzi & Eli

Schatzi: As you’re probably aware, Eli and I are engaged. We decided against a quickie courthouse marriage or elopement in favor of a fete to celebrate our nuptials, and I was thrilled with the idea until I realized that that decision put me right smack in the middle of unheard of territory: wedding planning. OH MY GOD.

Now, don’t get me wrong: I can plan a party. I’ve planned some pretty bitchin’ ones, and was co-Social Chair for the Sponges back at Cornell. But a wedding? With average costs reported at $19-30K, that’s one intimidating party. And it gets worse when you look at all the suggested activities and apparent requirements for your standard WIC (Wedding Industrial Complex) affair! Fortunately, Eli is very enthusiastic about the wedding and planning it, and my sisters have all offered to help in various capacities—especially Maiya, as our co-ordinator.

But where to begin? My starting point has been two websites: The Knot and IndieBride Kvetch. The former is very WICy-the message boards in particular can range from baffling to horrific as you watch people try to figure out what signature drink will best match their colors, never mind the taste!-but they have a number of useful tools for tracking guestlists, budgeting, and creating a timeline or to-do list. The latter is wonderful for exploring different ways of throwing a wedding. Kvetch features a diversity of budgets, from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands, but one thing all the brides (and a few grooms) have in common is a passionate desire to do it their way and avoid a cookie cutter event. And that’s right up our alley. After exploring both sites, Eli and I sat down and talked about what would be important to us at our wedding: a private ceremony, a fun party with delicious food, a reasonable budget for our means. Now all we have to do is make that happen.

Over the next eight months, expect to see some more reports from the front as we experience the WIC in all its might and glory. In the sidebar, you’ll also find a new selection of wedding-related links, things we’ve found helpful or inspirational.


3 responses to “Wedding Prep: Introduction

  1. word to the budget fun wedding! Check out the Overlook House for a very affordable place to hold your wedding…. great place, great gardens/house, and $75 / hr. You can use your own caterer too!

    Also check out Offbeat Bride, better than Indie.

    Best of luck and keep what you want in your planning!

  2. I helped plan a wedding once. If you need any help or input let me know doll. Which reminds me, we should hang out soon! Good luck with everything.

  3. Thanks, babe! I’ll have to make it out one of these Fridays soon; my school schedule has been OVERWHELMING. But, second to last term!

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