What We Ate: March 14th

Schatzi: I know, it’s been awhile. It was a tough month, however. I’m now on my penultimate term at college, and had to really buckle down in preparation for finals last term. The good news is, I passed my classes and did very well on all my final exams and projects! However, that also means we have a few updates to post to get caught up.

First off, March 14 is a special day for several groups of people, and we celebrated it with a couple of nice little steaks. I’m a fan of steak and potatoes, so I also made my esteemed Yukon Gold & Chevre Gratin. I tried a slightly different format for that this time, and I’m not sure how I like it.

our steaks

our steaks

Yukon Gold & chevre gratin

Yukon Gold & chevre gratin

gratin in years past

gratin in years past


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