Girl Scout Cookies Galore!

Schatzi: I was never a Girl Scout, or even a Brownie, but I have always been fond of their cookies. And for the first time in several years I have Girl Scout Cookies, and all thanks to Eli. For a long time it seemed like I was always just missing the Girl Scouts; I did all my grocery shopping in the middle of the night after work, I didn’t realize it was Cookie Season til months later, and they just don’t seem to go door to door anymore. I don’t even know any Girl Scouts these days, though I knew several in high school. They would always lug huge duffel bags filled with cookies around campus, and some of my favorite memories involve the many bomb threats and fire alarms spent sitting out in the May sunshine noshing on cookies while we waited for the okay to return to class.

If, like me, you have trouble finding some Girl Scout cookies to stockpile, you’re in luck. Girl Scouts are using the Internets to everyone’s advantage, and now have a Cookie Locator! Simply plug in your ZIP code and specify the distance you’re willing to travel, and they will provide you with a handy list of dates and locations of a cookie booth near you.

I better get on this before Cookie Season is over. Eli only brought home Thin Mints and Samoas–and I can’t not have Tagalogs!*

the L Magazine

the L Magazine

*(Yes, I know that they’re Tagalongs. I just think it’s funny. And need to think of a suitable Oceania-themed name for Thin Mints.)


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