the Thanksgiving furor begins

a vintage Banquet Frozen Turkey Dinner ad

a vintage Banquet Frozen Turkey Dinner ad

All over the US, people are getting ready for Thanksgiving. Some, following Martha Stewart’s or their own internal timeline, started long before today. But Thanksgiving is in ten days, and those ten days can go quickly while you pore through food magazines or internet archives, drooling over recipes. In some store, it seems like Thanksgiving is already gone, what with all the Christmas paraphernalia out already (I’m looking at YOU, Fred Meyer.)

This year, Thanksgiving also looks to be more expensive than the last, unless your family cuts down on their dinners–which may be the kinder thing to do, considering that many charities are experiencing a greater demand than usual this year.

This year’s dinner also differs from those in years past, with some people adhering to strict diets, others keeping to their slow food or locavore habits, and still others expanding their culinary boundaries. After all, the Thanksgiving dinner has always been more fluid a creature than popular culture would have us believe, with numerous regional and ethnic variants. Personally, I am revolted by the ubiquitous green bean casserole; I don’t remember ever seeing one growing up, but they’re all over the Mainland, and some people can’t imagine the table without one. And of course, the Pilgrims’ Thanksgiving was nothing like our own.

Our Thanksgiving is shaping up to be fairly typical: Maiya is hostessing, we’re having assorted friends and family over, and various people are chipping in to make dishes. Eli will be in charge of stuffing (I have demanded two kinds, both cornbread and white bread), and I am baking pies and Ooey Gooey Pumpkin Butter Cake.
How about yours?


2 responses to “the Thanksgiving furor begins

  1. I’m sad that I’m missing Thanksgiving with you guys. It’s been nice to be part of your community the past couple of years.

  2. I’m bummed, too! You’ll have to make it up at Christmas, or something.

    Plus, you still owe us a smoked turkey!

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