ghosts of Thanksgiving past: Eli



Eli: For some reason, I don’t remember Thanksgiving dinner much before I was seven. I think that I took it for granted that I was always going to eat delicious food. My mom and grandma have always been good cooks. What am I saying? My grandma is a superb cook. Schatzi can attest to that, having just met my grandparents yesterday for the first time and having eaten some of her potato soup. [Schatzi: It’s true! It was some good soup!]

When I was seven, I move din with my dad. As I have mentioned before, the food was bland, brown, and gross.  It was sort of health food, but it sure didn’t make me happy or feel good, and a couple of times it really did make me sick. Anyway, we would go over to my stepmother’s parents at least once a month and let me tell you, that was something to look forward to. Thanksgiving over there really gave me something to be thankful for: good food.

On Thanksgiving, I would start out the day by showering and putting on my best clothes. Since I didn’t have to eat breakfast,  I always watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (and still do) while everyone else got got ready. Being the first to get ready allowed me plenty of time to watch the parade, which was also great because I usually wasn’t allowed to watch TV.

We would all pile into the car and drive to my stepmother’s parents’ house. My sister and I would say hi to the family, then go into the kitchen to see what Grammer was making. We stayed out of the way though, since she never wanted any help with the dinner. She cooked for more than ten people all by herself. My sister and I would go into the rec room and watch TV and play pool until it was time to eat. When it was ready, we would all gather around the table and let Grandpa say grace.

For dinner we would have roast turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing (my favorite), gravy, cranberry sauce, candied yams (although they were really sweet potatoes, haha) green beans, rolls, and iced tea. This seems to be a typical Thanksgiving dinner, and it was great. I would eat at least three platefuls, making sure to load up on more and more stuffing every time. I remember one year when I had severe discomfort after dinner and though my stomach was going to burst. This was one of the few times a year, living with my dad, that I got to eat good food, so I ate as much as I could.

Schatzi: My mom had severe discomfort after Thanksgiving dinner. She thought her pants were too tight, and that she’d eaten too much, but it was actually appendicitis! HI-larious!


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