the Carnivore’s 100

Schatzi: That’s right, we still haven’t run out of memes! So check out The Carnivore’s 100.

1) Copy this list into your site, including the instructions!
2) Bold all of the dishes you’ve eaten–or make them a different type color.
3) Cross out any of them that you’d never ever eat.
4) Consider anything that is not bold or crossed out your “To Do” List.

1. American-style bacon (Hello, people give me bacon for Christmas.)
2. Canadian bacon (In Canada, no less. The good stuff, with peameal.)
3. Prosciutto with melon (One of my bacon vodka cocktails was a riff on this concept. But yeah, love it. When Carey and I threw a cocktail party in tenth grade, we served this.)
4. Pork belly, braised
5. Pork butt, smoked (The best kind is of course kalua pig.)
6. Pork ribs, smoked (See Podnah’s for the best in Portland.)
7. Roasted leg of lamb with mint jelly (One of my all-time favorite dinners.)
8. Gyros (Aside from the usual “It’s all Greek to me” jokes, one of the most entertaining things in Classical Greek classes is discussing how to pronounce ‘gyro.’)
9. Duck confit
10. Roasted chicken (I knew I would have Eli’s babies when he made me one.)
11. Standing rib roast, rare
12. Chitlins
13. Cracklins (I have longed to try these fresh, ever since I read Little House in the Big Woods, but a bag of pork rinds makes me a happy girl.)
14. Boudin or blood sausage
15. Haggis (Something else I mean to try. Do they have it at the Highland Games?)
16. Peking duck (Duck just might be my favorite fowl. So rich, so dark-meated.)
17. Roasted turkey with traditional American accompaniments (I would eat Thanksgiving dinner once a month if I could.)
18. Roasted goose with traditional English accompaniments (Something else I long to try.)
19. Foie gras (I consider having this before I die a necessity.)
20. Pate campagne
21. Moo Shu pork
22. Shepherd’s pie (What’s not to like? I’ve enjoyed it at the Moon & Sixpence and the Doug Fir.)
23. Steak and Kidney pie
24. Chicken and dumplings (The last dinner I ever made for my mother. And I forgot to salt it. Caring for an invalid can be very distracting. And it was still very good.)
25. Turducken (Mom and I always meant to have one for a holiday dinner, but never did.)
26. Venison sausage
27. Pork cheeks
28. Pickled pigs’ feet (The Safeway in Mililani had a jar on their deli counter, and I was fascinated by it as a child.)
29. Barbacoa (Sounds like something I’d love!)
30. Birria (This, too.)
31. Chicken Marbella (Not something I’m panting to try. Something more significant could have been here.) *I stand corrected!
32. Steak tartare
33. Beef Bourguignon (I make a lovely one, using an Ina Garten recipe.)
34. Potatoes roasted in duck fat (My mouth waters at the thought.)
35. Spam (We’ve discussed this.)
36. Tandoori chicken
37. Lamb vindaloo (Too hot for me, but I will try lamb anything.)
38. Spaghetti Bolognese
39. Cuban sandwich
40. Croque Monsieur (What I get when I end up at the Doug Fir. It’s a grilled cheese, yo. What’s not to like?)
41. Philly cheesesteak (I first tried them when I was away at school in Iowa. Never in Philly, however.)
42. Chicken Satay
43. Shabu-shabu (Like fondue!)
44. Teppanyaki (You’ve been to Benihana, admit it.)
45. Schwarma (The famed “meat tornado.)
46. Meatloaf (The best meatloaf is made with pork, beef, and veal, I think.)
47. Beef Wellington (Eli has promised to make this for me one day.)
48. Beef tenderloin with béarnaise (I don’t need anything on a steak. Besides maybe butter.)
49. Taco salad (My favorite taco salad is actually a vegetarian version my boss’ wife makes for me. They’re Hindu, and never cook meat.)
50. Chili con carne
51. Pastisto
52. Corned beef brisket (A personal favorite.)
53. Bangers and mash
54. Guinea pig
55. Ropa vieja
56. Wurst (any)
57. Lamb tagine (I love Moroccan food.)
58. Kosher hot dog (New York-style) (Nom nom nom.)
59. Jerk chicken (Not the biggest fan.)
60. Chorizo
61. All-American hamburger
62. Pigeon/Squab
63. Steak frites
64. Pastrami (My favorite in Portland: Kenny & Zuke’s. It’s the best. I want it on everything I eat.)
65. Salami
(I love snacking on it.)
66. Sweetbreads
67. Wiener Schnitzel
68. Goulash
(My dad sometimes makes an excellent goulash for Christmas Eve.)
69. Pho
(I go to Pho Van or Pho Hung.)
70. Char siu bao
(It’s manapua, and it’s delicious!)
71. Kalua pig
(One of my top meat foods of all time. Malia made me some for my birthday once, and I knew that I was loved. The only time I would buy school lunch in high school was when it was kalua pig day.)

72. Pork rinds (Already covered this.)
73. Scrapple or goetta
74. Jaegerspaetzle
75. Sauerbraten
76. Tongue sandwich
77. Baked ham (My tutu once baked me a Spam like a tiny ham. It was so cute.)
78. Frog legs
79. Alligator (I love it.)
80. Squirrel
81. Liver and onions (Legendary in the States, it is synonymous with “nasty food.” My mother always swore it smelled divine.)
82. Bone marrow and marmalade (What? Why? Marrow is wonderful, but with marmalade???)
83. Cevapcici (Two Brothers Café, at 39th & Belmont. It’s a meat wonderland. I recommend the platter of everything.)
84. Creamed beef on toast (shit on a shingle)
85. Red-eye gravy
86. Head cheese
87. Jambalaya (Letty Leftwitch taught me to make it.)
88. Steak Diane
(I used to make this for myself a lot.)
89. Veal piccata (I have had the Turkey Piccata at Huber’s.)
90. Bulgogi (Is there good Korean barbeque in PDX? Someone tell me.)
91. Smoked chicken (barbecue)

92. Beer can chicken (I don’t know why, but I just haven’t.)
93. Chicken teriyaki
94. Coronation chicken (curried chicken salad)
95. Ostrich (Jerkied.)
96. Rogan josh (I love Indian food.)
97. Poutine (Why is this on the carnivore’s list?)
98. Chicken mole
99. Irish stew
100. Loose meat
(When I was away at school in Iowa, I worked at one of the two bars in town. Every Saturday during the winter, we hosted a euchre tournament, and I would work it, serving drinks and Maid-Rites—or loose meat sandwiches. I developed a taste for them, and keep meaning to make it sometime.)

Only 60/100. I’ve got some eating to do.


7 responses to “the Carnivore’s 100

  1. Glad you liked it! I love these things– they drive so much discussion. 🙂

  2. Ooh, and Chicken Marbella was picked because it’s considered *the* dish from *the* cookbook, The Silver Palate, that’s said to have changed home cooking forever. Just a clarification.

    (And southern barbecue > kalua pig. Just sayin’.)

  3. Ohhhhh, yes. I remember reading about that, and it makes more sense now.

    Also: You’re mental. Mental!

  4. How about a seafood’s 100?

    Want to win 4 dozen of Puget Sound’s finest oysters?

    Check out our contest:

  5. Ha! No, you’re mental!

    And poutine is on the list because of the brown gravy. I suppose you could make vegetarian gravy, but that would just be silly.

  6. For Korean, try BeWon, in NW. Try the Han Jung Shik.

    Also, went to Gustav’s on Saturday night. Have you had their spicy sauerkraut? It’s wicked. In the Boston sense of the word.

    Try jerk goat. Much better jerked than is chicken.

  7. I don’t think I have done the spiced sauerkraut there. I love The Berlin Inn’s sauerkraut–cooked with bacon! And at Gustav’s I usually get the red cabbage as a side.
    Thanks for the recommendations!

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