had to get away

Portagee sausage, eggs, and rice

Portagee sausage, eggs, and rice

Schatzi: This past week, Eli and I got away to Central Oregon, staying in a fire lookout tower in the Malheur National Forest. The views were absolutely stunning, and I heartily recommend any chance to stay in a fire lookout. We had views of the Strawberries, Bear Valley, John Day, and the Aldrich Mountains. While “camping out,” here’s what we ate:

Bush’s Baked Beans with Hebrew Nationals on a bun (Fred Meyer doesn’t seem to carry Nathan’s, the swine)
Portagee sausage (linguiça) and fried eggs
Lentil stew with ham and linguiça
Marionberry slump
Portagee sausage, eggs, and rice
Chicken Vesuvio
Burgers, fries, milkshakes, and peach cobbler at the Little Pine Café in Mitchell
Marionberry slump for breakfast
Beer sausages (kielbasa) on buns in the parking lot of the John Day Thriftway
And an assortment of snacks including leftovers, Special K, Snickers Adventure Bars, Cheez-Its, and Sticky Toffee chocolates
Water, skim milk, Coke, Diet Coke, tea, and instant hot apple cider

Little Pine Cafe burger

Little Pine Cafe burger

Eli: Those hot dogs on our first night were great after our long drive. Quickly seared in a pan and along side a mess of baked beans, they hit the spot right on target.

Thanks to Schatzi, one of my current favorite breakfasts now is Portagee sausage, eggs, and rice with shoyu. I forgot to cook the rice the first day, and I forgot to bring shoyu. What a haole I am!

The lentils were great. They stayed piping hot in our bowls from start to finish, providing an excellent meal, as well as a combatant against the chilly night. After that I cleaned the Dutch oven in preparation for Schatzi’s Marionberry Slump. (It’s slump, it’s slump, it’s slump. It’s in a pot.) Schatzi thinks she may have added extra baking powder, but it made the dumplings light and airy. I loved it! It made a great breakfast eaten at room temperature.

sausage cart in John Day

sausage cart in John Day

The Chicken Vesuvio was a great meat and potatoes dish complete with garlic galore, including whole cloves of it! The sauce was rich and tangy, and the chicken fell right off the bone with a flick of the fork. Absolutely delicious! This was a result of my begging Schatzi make me dinner. She’s the best!

We went to the Little Pine Cafe in Mitchell after a day of sightseeing the John Day Fossil Beds and the beautiful Painted Hills. I was really looking forward to a milkshake and burger. While we waited for our food we read old Reader’s Digest Condensed Books and Schatzi read me Little House on the Prairie. The food looked great when it arrived. The burgers were excellent on buns crispy from being grilled in butter. The fries were hand-cut, thin, crispy, and hot: a thing of beauty. The shakes were only okay, though they were made with real ice cream. The cobbler was a great finale to our dinner. This was the first time I had a cobbler in which the fruit was baked on top of a biscuit-like batter. I’ll have to try and make it sometime.

Schatzis kielbasa

Schatzi's kielbasa

Oh my! We had our final meal in the parking lot of a Thriftway grocery store after spending some time at the Kam Wah Chung Chinese Museum in John Day. It was the biggest kielbasa I’ve ever eaten, and might have been the best. Really. They were beer-boiled, tender, and had a great snap with every bite. We ate them with kraut, sweet relish, and yellow mustard. I had no problem putting away my sausage for two. It was totally worth the $4.95.

While we did a lot more than eat on our trip, this is a food blog. I look forward to more and more trips like this with my Schatzi.


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