The Nightmare

Elisha: A week ago I had a strange dream unlike any other I have ever had. In it, I had gone to the store to do some grocery shopping. That part was unmemorable. Later, when I returned to my unfamiliar apartment oddly full of cluttered piles of junk and clothes, I unloaded my bag of groceries. I had a carton of a dozen eggs on the top of the bag which I pulled out and opened to find to my horror every one of the eggs broken. Strangely though, not all of them were just broken. Some of them were only discarded shells, as though someone had taken the carton, used a few eggs and then smashed the rest before returning the carton to the supermarket shelf. I remember feeling so stupid because I had forgot to check them before my purchase. The dream continued, morphing in and out of other themes and circumstances unrelated to food. I woke up actually feeling anxious about my eggs, and it was a while before I was able to go back to sleep.


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