Red wine and red meat: so healthy together

According to this article in The Economist, researchers led by Joseph Kanner of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have discovered that consuming red wines with red meat prevents the formation of harmful chemicals that are released when meat is digested.

“Red wines are rich in polyphenols, a group of powerful antioxidants that are thought to protect against cancer and heart disease by destroying molecules that would otherwise damage cells. How the polyphenols in wine exercise their beneficial effects, though, has been mysterious. That is because they do not seem to travel in any quantity from the stomach into the bloodstream.

The answer, Dr Kanner has found, lies in the stomach itself. The digestion of high-fat foods such as red meat releases oxidising toxins. One in particular, called malondialdehyde, is implicated in arteriosclerosis, cancer, diabetes and a host of other serious diseases.”

The research also suggests that following meals with fruit may reap similar benefits by aiding the digestion of red meat. Red wine, red meat, and fruit–what’s not to like about that meal?


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